Monday, February 22, 2010

I know, I know!

His new favorite pose when I get out the camera.
His Valentines Day bear
Are we redneck a little?

I always forget to blog!! I am trying to do better but don't hold me to it. Haha. So here are some new pictures and an update for those of you that don't know. I have been doing Daycare now for a year! And I am very ready to be done and we are ready to move on from our lives in Lander. In 3 weeks me and Kase are loading up and heading to Star Valley to stay with Nana and Papa until we get into the apartment that we want in Logan where we will be moving so that I can go to school. We are SO excited to start a new chapter :) Kase is turning 3 next week and I will add pictures from the party for those of you that can't come. We wish you could all be there! Love you all and I really will start posting more often.


  1. Yeah a post!! :) That will be good you'll be closer to family! Kase is such a cutie! Hope the party goes over well!

  2. We are excited that you are moving back to Logan. We need to get our kids together to play once you are here. Alex annoys me a lot less when he has someone to play with :)

  3. Its about time! Keep em coming. Maybe when you are in Logan we can see more of you!